The following information summarizes our client portfolio

European Space Agency

Working with Enterprise Ireland we have successfully assisted our client companies in getting over €1m in ESA project funding since 2011. We continually work with ESA as project coordinators for our ESA client companies

Satcom IoT Maker Space

Mindseed Limited provide Programme Management for the ESA Satellite M2M/IoT Maker Space

Dublin BIC

We currently provide a significant percentage of our consultancy services through Dublin BIC. Dublin Business Innovation Centre (Dublin BIC) is a public-private business support organisation which works with state agencies and private sector investors to support entrepreneurs as they build the next generation of successful Irish businesses.

Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI)

Through Dublin BIC we provide business development and value added business consultancy to the GSI through the INFOMAR project

Marine Institute

Through Dublin BIC we provide business development and value added business consultancy to the Marine Institute through the INFOMAR project


The INtegrated Mapping FOr the Sustainable Development of Ireland's MArine Resource (INFOMAR) programme is a joint venture between the Geological Survey of Ireland and the Marine Institute. Through Dublin BIC we provide business development and value add consultancy in order to develop the INFOMAR brand and promote the use of its software and associated services


Working through Dublin BIC we have successfully secured ESA project funding for Toaglas and currently provide ESA project coordination and project management services to Taoglas as part of our ESA project management role. We are also providing advice to Taoglas on strategic product development through ESA and EU development projects

Novegen (Next Generation Networks)

We have provided strategic product development advice and development resources to Novegen and have successfully assisted them in securing part-funded additional resources through the Intertrade Ireland programme

Druid Software

Working with Druid Software we secured ESA funding for their UBISAT project and are currently providing project coordination services to them as part of the project execution. We are assisting them in pursuing additional ESA/EU project development funding


Working with Treemetrics, we successfully secured funding for their SATMODO development project through ESA. As this project was approaching it's initial completion stage we secured additional funding which has assisted the company in commercializing their product line. We provided project management and ESA project coordination services to the company throughout the project as well as providing additional contract development personnel

Eointec Solutions

We are currently providing Eointec with strategic advice on project development through ESA programmes


We provided strategic product analysis to SURETANK in assessing the viability of an in-house product development project.


We are currently providing strategic product development consultancy to SMARTCHARGE to assist them in developing core hardware and software products